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Digital Infrastructure

Enabling innovation with efficient IT solutions



Digital Infrastructure is the combination of technology (network, compute, and storage) that is required to successfully deploy and manage applications. Types of technologies that are typically included when discussing Digital Infrastructure include:


•  Virtualization (Compute, Storage, Network)

•  Software-defined networking and Network virtualization

•  Cloud Services (capacity, development, functionality)

•  Hyper-converged solutions

•  Data Centers (either private, public, or cloud)

•  IOT Devices and the interconnections required to manage them


Hyper-converged Solutions


Benefits of a converged infrastructure approach:


•  Simplified management due to automated management

•  Improved resource utilization via advanced virtualization

•  Accelerated project implementation timelines

•  Lower costs due:

•  Management efficiencies

•  Reduced environmental costs due to resource utilization efficiency


WaterMark provides Hyper-converged solutions from leading providers including HPE and Cisco.



Technology Solutions


WaterMark has partnered with leading technology providers to provide the server, storage, and network solutions that are right for your business.


HPE & Cisco




HPE, Cisco, f5

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